Cave world 洞穴世界


Cave world 洞穴世界


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Footwhistle Glow Worm Tour萤火虫世界

Enjoy a 3.5km courtesy scenic shuttle  to our cave while your experienced guide reveals the rich history of Waitomo. Then, take a short walk through breath taking  New Zealand native bush to the cave entrance. There, your guide lights the candles setting the scene for an intimate cave experience, where you will see glowworms up close, cave formations up close and appreciate the  beauty of Footwhistle Cave (also known to local maori as Te Anaroa Cave).

The solar powered lights are kept low so you can appreciate the magnificent glow worm displays at their best, only inches away. Around a corner lie the bones of one of New Zealand’s lost treasures, the ancient Moa. The soothing sound of Footwhistle cave stream flows in the darkness below.

Formation  lights are especially turned on to cast  a warm glow  over stunning cave formations.  The guide tells the stories of the insect life that live here – titiwai, the glow worm, and tuna, the eel. After enjoying a relaxed stroll through the cave, you’ll be seated in Footwhistle’s Cathedral to see it lit up by a dazzling magnesium torch.  Although the display only lasts a few seconds, your memories of the Footwhistle Cave will last a lifetime.

Be sure to bring your camera as you will be able to take photos and your guide will also be able to help you out with the best camera settings to get your best holiday pic.  Complete the tour by enjoying a complimentary Kawa Kawa tea whilst you relax in our ponga hut nestled in native forest and surrounds.

Tube It – Cave Tubing萤火虫洞穴漂流

It’s On!.. We’ve got the fun – now we’re just waiting for you! Come with us, grab your tube, put ya hands in the air – now you’re ready to go!

Tube It  through our beautiful cave on an inner tyre tube and float under the most amazing displays of glowworms! Funnily enough this activity is more well known as black water rafting, go figure!  The water ain’t black, there is no raft (everyone gets a tube) and loads of our  happy customers reckon that the best description of it is cave tubing….so we’re gonna go with them and proudly say come cave tubing with us!

Jump off a waterfall, ZOOM down our hydro slide and tube through beautiful displays of glowworms with our fun and experienced team of guides.

This trip is a mixed bag of fun, mystery with flashes of excitement  -> yep we are  going to brag about our awesome hydro slide again – it’s wicked!  This is the best two hours of fun to be had in Waitomo – but  don’t take our word for it check it our for yourselves and book online now!



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